Frozen Meats & Bundles

We take pride in the quality and freshness of our frozen meats and you'll appreciate the flavor!

Choose from meat variety and cut from the list below. Meats are priced per pound.

Mix and match - create a bundle! Call us with your selections and we'll quote you the price of your order.



____Flank Steaks

____Ribeye Steaks

____Round Steaks

____Sirloin Steaks

____Skirt Steaks

____T-Bone Steaks

____Rump Roast

____Short Ribs

____Stew Meat

____Ground Beef

____Beef Brisket (half & whole)

____Beef Heart

____Beef Liver

____Beef Ox Tail

____Beef Tongue

____Soup Bones

____KC Strip Steak

____Rib Steak

____Filet Mignon

____All Beef Franks

____Beef Patties (1/3 & 1/4 lb)

____Arm Roast




____Lamb Chops

____Lamb Leg Steaks

____Leg of Lamb

____Shoulder Steaks

____Lamb Roast

____Shoulder Roast

____Lamb Stew Meat

____Ground Lamb

____Lamb Heart

____Lamb Liver

____Lamb Tongue

____Lamb Spare Ribs



____Deli Bologna

____Baby Back Ribs

____Pork Bacon

____Bacon Ends

____Bacon Rind

____Pork Chops

____Pork Cutlets

____Pig Feet

____Cured Ham Steaks

____Pork Jowls

____Breaded Pork Loin

____Pork Loin

____ Ground Pork

____Pork Roast

____Smoked Ham

____Pork Shoulder Roast

____Deli Ham Slices

____Pork Sausage

____Spare Ribs

____Italian Sausage

____Pork Shoulder Steaks

____Pork Heart

____Pork Ham Hocks

____ Pork Liver

____ Pork Tongue







_____Honey BBQ

_____Snack Sticks (Jalapeno

             & Pepperjack cheese)

_____Snack Sticks (Original)


_____Sweet Chipoltle

_____Habanero & Mango


_____Sweet Bourbon

_____Honey BBQ


Flat Beef


_____Habanero & Mango

_____Honey BBQ




_____Sweet Chipotle

_____Honey BBQ



_____Snack Sticks (Jalapeno

             & Pepperjack cheese)

We specialize in small package frozen meat but we also sell whole, half or quarters of beef, pork, goat or lamb. Please call or stop by.

*(within a 10 mile radius)




____Beef Brats - Philly cheese

____Beer & Beef

____Beef Buffalo Bleu Cheese

____Beef Habaero & Mango

____Beef Patties - Mozzerella & Bacon

____Beef Patties - Cheddar & Bacon



____ Pork Brats - Sheboygan with Pepperjack Cheese

____Sheboygan with Cheddar Cheese





____Goat Burger

____Goat Chops

____Goat Leg Steaks

____Shoulder Steaks

____Goat Roast

____Shoulder Roast

____Goat Stew Meat

____Goat Heart

____Goat Liver

____Goat Tongue

____Rib Roast

____Goat Loin

____Goat Leg

____Goat Spare Ribs

____Goat Summer Sausage

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