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5 Reasons to Purchase from Your Local Farmer.

1. Naturally fed animals.

Our animals are fed whole corn, grass and hay. No implants or growth hormones are used.


2. You get what you pay for.

There's no substitute for premium quality, and knowing exactly where your meat order comes from. You'll taste the difference!


3. You're supporting your local neighbor.

We take pride in every product we offer, and in our Lafayette County farm. Why not buy from a fellow resident?


4. Locally processed. USDA inspected.

Our meats are processed locally, then flash-frozen to preserve freshness. And every cut passes stringent USDA standards.


5. Hand-selected products.

We personally choose our bulk-bin items, BBQ sauces, jams, jellies and seasonal items to bring you a unique range of products to take home and share with your family!



We are a family owned farm operated by Tommy, Christy and Leann Drake. Our farm is located just outside Lexington MO.

We have been raising cattle since 2000, goats and sheep since 2003, and more recently we've begun raising hogs. All of our livestock are fed whole corn, grass and hay here on the farm. In addition, no implants or growth hormones are used.


We raise Katahdin hair sheep both registered and commercial stock for 4-H and FFA show or to add to any breeding stock. We also have Boer and boer/cross goats for show and/or breeding stock as well.

Here at Triple D Livestock, we strive to produce good quality meat. That brings us to share with others the great taste of farm fresh meats that are butchered in a USDA inspected facility that is frozen and ready for your freezer. Our store is located at 2502 Main in Lexington, MO.


Here you can purchase frozen beef, pork, lamb and goat by the package, and we also have bundles which are listed below. If you would like a whole, half or quarter of any item we would be glad to provide that, too.


Delivery within a 15 mile radius of Lexington is also available, right to your doorstep.


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Triple D Livestock LLC

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